In Back to Back: Two Poets Under One Roof E.L. Freifeld & Lois Michal Unger marry their words together in this unique dual collective of poetry. E.L. Freifeld's Black Hotel is a tribute to the author's unique and inspiring life from the U.S. to Israel, where he currently resides. Elazar's poetry is memoir-ish, indulgently wise and unapologetic. A cornucopia of dark spells and the alchemy of love; a time capsule of moment & place lived to maximum potential. Lois Michal Unger's It All Goes Round In My Head is a poignant & unique collection of poetry which shares a succinct view of life through the keen eye of experience. Lois' musings are poetical multivitamins, or a B-12 shot of wise & wonderful. Together in one book these two unique voices, approach some of the same themes with refreshing juxtapose and what readers will experience is unequivocally an intimate look into one of the grandest love stories of our time.