Successful individuals and families are hungry for trusted guidance that helps them achieve their most important financial goals and dreams. The financial advisors who step up to fill that role and provide that leadership are experiencing unprecedented levels of success. The goal of Breaking Through is to help you do the same: to do very well by your clients and, as a result, do very well for yourself.

Authors John Bowen, Paul Brunswick and Jonathan Powell use rigorous empirical research to identify the best practices of the leading financial advisors in the industry—those who consistently earn the top incomes. They have taken this knowledge and distilled it into seven key strategies. These strategies have enabled many financial advisors to be successful on purpose and build the practices and lifestyles they have always wanted. Now Breaking Through provides these strategies to you.

You will first discover how to build a thriving wealth management practice by focusing on the right affluent clients and then implementing a consultative process that will delight and keep those clients for life. You will then find out how to build on this foundation through systematic asset- and client-acquisition techniques, effective strategic alliances with other professional advisors and sound business management principles.

This second edition updates much of the authors’ previous research with data drawn from studies conducted over the past several years. it also incorporates a large number of enhancements to the best practices and strategies we recommend—refinements drawn directly from our many of the nation’s top financial advisors. The second edition of Breaking Through also contains numerous links to online video resources in order to make the research and recommendations more accessible to more financial advisors.