A destination wedding is the perfect place for Zara to indulge a bit and recharge her batteries. Then she meets her brother's hockey teammate Chase and all bets are off. The young rookie is everything she doesn't want-cocky, self-assured, too handsome for his own good. Zara likes her guys a little rough around the edges and definitely closer to her own age. But there's something about Chase she can't quite shake and when he makes it clear he plans to make her his by the end of the night, Zara is all too aware that the young player isn't up for the challenge she presents. It doesn't take her long to realize Chase has a few tricks up his sleeve and an ability to push every button Zara has. It seems Chase might be just the man who can give her what she needs after all. Inside Scoop: Zara and Chase are both confident partners who indulge in play that can get edgy. An Exotika(r) contemporary erotica story from Ellora's Cave