Krissi loves sex and finds herself in the center of taboo with her step-dad and adopted brother Mike sharing her.


Krissi Betz enjoyed a warm bubble bath almost more than anything in life. She lay in the bath one Saturday evening when no one was home but her, watching the soap bubbles glisten all over her wet young body. A lace of white bubbles veiled the soft thick buds of her round nipples. Her sleek, shapely thighs glimmered, and her crotch was invisible under a huge mound of soapy froth. She tried to imagine certain men happening on her as she lay voluptuously like this in the bath, her wet nakedness there for the taking. The mere thought made shivers race up and down her back. She imagined her boyfriend Chuck. She had let him fuck her once, but it had all been over so fast that it was no fun for Krissi. She knew he would go crazy with lust if he saw her this way.

She thought of others. Her boss, Mr. Sherman, who was only about thirty, kept looking at her like he'd like to rip her clothes off and take her on the spot. Or even members of her family. The thought made her blush hotly. How could I even think of such a thing? She wondered. But she had seen her younger adopted brother Mike looking at her sometimes just like Mr. Sherman did. And Mike was three years younger than her. He looked at her tits like he wanted to eat them. And when she wore a short skirt, she could see the swelling in his crotch when he stared at her shapely tanned legs. These thoughts heated her up, and soon she was squirming under the bubbles and water. Her hands crawled feverishly all over her wet, naked flesh. She cupped her firm tits and pinched her nipples.

"Unnhhhhhh." she gasped as the hot darts of pleasure shot through the full, springy mounds. Both hands trailed down to her crotch, dipping under a mountain of glistening bubbles. The fingers of one hand slipped between the parted lips of her aching cunt. With her other hand she diddled the taut berry of her swollen clit. "Ohhhhh." she moaned, feeling delicious squirts of pleasure.

As she slowly finger-fucked herself, it was hard for Krissi not to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of her naked body. Her creamy skin was damp and shiny, paler around her tits and hips where her bathing suit kept away the sun. She had an incredibly narrow waist and flat stomach, which accentuated her swelling hips, and the jutting round globes of her perfectly shaped tits.

As she quivered and panted while bringing herself to a high pitch of sexual excitement, her luscious body strained and flexed, her smooth flesh writhing sensually up out of the rolling water and suds. She gasped frantically as her hands worked to bring herself off. God, I'm going to cum, I'm going to make myself cum. She thought, not really having intended to do it at first.

But now she knew she couldn't stop herself.

Her back arched, and her hips bucked frantically. She probed her streaming pussy with two fingers, pinching her clit at the same time with her other hand. She knew she was just seconds away from a sharp climax.

Moaning and mewling hysterically, she suddenly felt like she wasn't alone. Realizing that she had not closed the door to the bathroom, thinking she was home alone, she glanced over and saw her younger brother Mike paralyzed in the doorway, staring at her naked body.

"Oh God." Krissi cried out.

All the sexual arousal quickly drained out of her body. She collapsed under the water and bubbles, trying to hide her nakedness from him. She could feel a hot blush of shame covering almost every inch of her exposed flesh. "Mike, what are you doing here." she shouted at him, covering her tits with her hands. "Don't you believe in announcing yourself?"

Mike grinned sheepishly. He looked down at his feet. "I ... I couldn't help it," he said. "You look gorgeous, Krissi."