Three stories for less than the price of two! This 12,200+ word, three story bundle contains the following stories about older men who prefer younger women:

1. My Boyfriend's Grandpa - 19 year old Brianna and her boyfriend Jace are headed out to the shore for a private, week-long summer vacation where they can hump like bunnies without a care in the world. When they arrive, they see that Jace's grandpa, aunt, uncle, and cousins are also staying at the shore house. Much to their dismay, they decide to make the best of it and stay a couple days to be polite. Jace's aunt puts them in opposite parts of the house to ensure they won't be doing any fooling around, but what she doesn't know is that Grandpa and Uncle Rick have had their eyes on Brianna ever since they arrived, and Grandpa has easy access to her bedroom!

2. Waiting in the Dungeon - Alexis has just woken up in a dark, damp room with cement block walls. Her ankle is shackled with a leather restraint and her body is covered in strange lingerie. The last thing she remembered was walking home from class the night before. When a mousy girl with shifty eyes comes in and tells her she has been chosen to be a Dungeon Girl and must pass Master's test, Alexis' curiosity is piqued. She awaits Master's arrival and promises herself to keep an open mind...

3. Ready and Willing - Holly is getting ready to be shipped off to college in the fall but refuses to be inexperienced in the bedroom department. She and her buddy Ethan have been trying all sorts of things with each other all summer, but she still feels like a silly newbie. When working late one Friday at her dad's insurance agency, a handsome older man comes in to sign up for insurance but the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable and things turn physical quickly. Will he be the one to teach her the things that only an experienced man can teach her?

WARNING! These short stories contain erotic content depicting consensual sex between younger adult females who are at least 19 and older, non blood-related males. Intended for adult audiences only!