A fresh look at science, and technology in 25 exciting true stories such as: How two brothers, who own a bicycle shop in Ohio, build a bicycle that can fly. How penicillin is discovered when wind blows in some dirt from an open window. How an American student discovers the secret of DNA, and becomes the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize. His discovery transformed everyone 's life in the 21st Century; yet amazingly, Harvard University tried to ban his personal story from publication. How a junior member of an Italian university discovers a simple equation that predicts the distance objects fall in space in seconds. A stunning discovery made even more remarkable when all he had to work with was a crude measure of time: water dripping from a bottle. How a fifteen year old boy discovers patterns of dots that enable blind people to read and write. How an uneducated janitor in London discovers simple patterns of electricity to enable giant turbines to move millions of gallons of water. How a young Englishman read about the principle of falling objects in space, adds one small detail, and discovers the jewel of mathematics, calculus, to predict how planets move around the sun. When you see that tiny detail, you will say, Wow So that is what calculus is all about The author is known worldwide by language instructors for TPR (the Total Physical Response), a powerful linguistic tool developed through 20 years of meticulous research by Dr. James J. Asher at San Jose State University, founded in 1857 as the historic first public university in California.