Melissa and David had the perfect family, a perfect love. Only looks can deceive, and fortune can never be trusted. Awren finds the world unforgiving, paying for his parents decisions. Only the cost is richer than his own warm blood.

He never meant to find her, she just happened. As much as Awren tried hard to keep her from crossing that fine line, Willow pushed harder against him, blurring the line entirely. Awren and Willow find a comfortable existence in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Living in the shadows of his parents, their existence appeared normal enough. Though when a new student joins Willow's elementary class, the events that occur are anything but normal, the little girl carries a dark secret settled within the coldest of hearts. Their future is born from a nightmare, where walls cry witness to inhuman horror, and revenge hides the darkness. When a string of murders hits close to home, threatening the future of the entire family, they quickly find that no place is safe. Desperate to escape the evil that is stalking them, the family is forced to play a cruel game of hide and seek. When each time they are found, they are forced to bear witness to sealing the fate of everyone they love.

Will their immortal bond be enough to survive? Or will their past be too much to face?

Only one thing is certain - blood will be spilled.

Warning - This book contains graphic violence, some sexual situations, gore and violence involving children. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.