Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House announces with considerable privilege and appreciation the first annual publication, Edgar Allan Poet Journal #1, in celebration of the press history and evolution as an online, international archive. It is the purpose of the editor to provide readers with inspiration of both voice and vision. Many themes have arisen within this collective as it pertains to the exploration of the macabre, mysterious and ethereal realms presented in the work itself. Literature contained within presents patterns and reflection with lunarscapes, oceans and the mortal condition as muse. The common thread holding this cacophony of consciousness together is the gravity of shadow and the ability to captivate readers with the art of storytelling through images or texts, or the cohesive manifestation between these unique elements. Sincere gratitude extended to the readers and all remarkable talents who contributed to this exceptional body of work. FULL COLOR EDITION Full list of contributors include: Aunia Kahn, Barbara Moore, Bill Friday, Cedric Drake, Dan Capriotti, Danny Baker, David McIntire Dom Gabrielli, E.L. Freifeld, Echoe Paul, Francesca Castano, Gloria Wimberley, Greg Patrick, Ian Lennart Surraville, Jessica Ceballos, Jhon Baker JR Phillips, Katie Bickell, Lois Michal Unger, Marie Lecrivain, Martin Willitts Jr., Michael Wayne Holland, Neil McCarthy, Niall Rasputin, Rich Follett, Rick Stepp-Bolling, Samantha Ledger, Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Susan Botich, Thomas Kent, Tim Buck, William Crawford Please visit the following website for more on these and other prolific writers and artists. www.edgarallanpoet.com