In 1964 they said she could never be a doctor because of her long painted fingernails, her big breasts and the ‘Three M’s: Marriage, Motherhood and Medicine’. ESCAPE FROM THE BEDSIDE is Sharon Baltman’s gripping memoir tracking her decision to become a doctor in the early days of feminism to her travels across Canada, the US, through Africa and Israel. She chooses NOT to be like her traditional childhood family doctor but obsessively pursues the need to listen closely to her patients, a discipline later known as Narrative Medicine.

She whips back the curtain on outrageous moral dilemmas, knocking doctors off their pedestals. Her astonishing journey continues through tragic personal losses and betrayals, but she doggedly perseveres with her feisty sense of humour and unwavering optimism. After years of listening to the narratives of others, it was time for Dr. Baltman to write a story to make sense of her own life. Entertaining and fascinating for patients and doctors alike.


“Baltman writes with verve and wit… tackles challenging medical situations and personal tragedy and loss. All with sheer guts and determination. A fascinating read.”
Maureen Jennings, author of the Murdoch and Tom Tyler mysteries

“…everything you really don’t want to know about medicine, but are too fascinated to stop reading…”
Marilyn Herbert, Director of Bookclub-in-a-Box

“The candid writing is clear and fluid… a sharp intelligence at work.”
Isabel Huggan, author of Belonging: Home Away From Home