Can we really find happiness beyond the struggles of life?

The story of Eve does not end in the Garden of Eden, nor does the example we can draw from her experience.In this companion volume to Eve and the Choice Made in Eden, Beverly Campbell examines the lessons from Eve's mortal journey and suggests practical applications for our own paths and choices in life.The book includes chapters on seeking a personal connection with God, applying the principles of the Plan of Happiness on a daily basis, defining and working within the seasons of our lives, coping with inevitable trials, giving and receiving love, and creating sacred spaces where our souls can be nurtured.

About the Author
Beverly Campbell served for twelve years as director of International Affairs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.She is a former director of the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation and recipient of the prestigious Presidential Medallion from Brigham Young University.Her first book, Eve and the Choice Made in Eden, was on the Deseret Book bestseller list for 40 weeks.