•Brief summary
Fancy Nancy goes to a neighnors house, Mrs. DeVine. At Mrs. DeVine's house Nancy learns all about celebrities. Mrs. DeDive has a scrapbook filled with there pictures and autographs. Nacy is allowed to take it home to look at. When fancy Nancy gets home Dad calls her down to dinner and than its time to spelling words. When she is done practicing, dad tells her it is time for bed. This upsets Nancy because she has not had time to look at the scrapbook. Nancy desides to stay up very late under her covers to look and the book. The next day she is so tired. SHe ends up having a horrible day. Nancy learns that evern fancy girls need their sleep.

I would read this to kindergarden or first grade

I love the detailed pictures. This book also help children how important there sleep is. Without good sleep you cant have a good day at school.

I would use this to explain how important sleep is and that everyone needs to have a good night sleep before school. I could send this book home for parents to read with there children. This way the parents can also explain how important getting enough sleep is.