Ziantha’s a member of the Thieves’ Guild.While working a job at High Lord Jucundus’ apartment, she spots a mysterious clay figure.The figure draws her in, but she manages to ignore its siren’s call.She finishes her job and moves on—but not for long.She just can’t get the figure out of her mind. Using her telekinetic powers, she steals the figure only to realize it contains something more powerful than she could have ever imagined—a stone of power.This stone leads her on a dangerous journey that takes her into the past and in search of the stone’s long lost twin.

As I’m sure I’ve said before, I’m more of a fan of horror science fiction than the “Gee Whiz SPACE!!!” sort of stuff.I don’t like gadgets, and I don’t especially like reading about futuristic civilizations. Forerunner’s Foray isn’t exactly the sort of science fiction I hate, but it is the sort that I usually find uninspiring. It’s not that it was awful—it just lacked flavor.The descriptions left much to be desired. I couldn’t get a grip on where the characters were or even what some of the more exotic ones looked like.I couldn’t visualize the action or really anything.Just a few more details would have been helpful because I felt that this world was suppose to be different and strange and yet, in my head, it looked like my university’s campus.The descriptions weren’t my biggest issue, however.The heroine, Ziantha was downright boring.She really was the worst part of this whole thing.She had no discernible personality and was basically a pawn for the plot.If she had had some spunk or something, the book wouldn’t have been too bad.It might have even gotten rescued from my Return to Library Book Sale Pile because, really, the plot itself wasn’t so bad.The time hopping in the second half was pretty nifty and the whole powerful stones thing could have been exciting.Unfortunately, stupid Ziantha ruined things.I mean, it’s bad when you’re more interested in the weird, furry bird/tentacle creature that randomly shows up to help than the hero of the whole story.

While I personally wouldn’t read this book again, I’m sure there are some people out there who would like it.If you like Anne McCaffrey or maybe even the Dune books, this might be something for you to look into.It’s really not awful—it just wasn’t my cup of tea.Still, I’m not going to write off the author, Andre Norton.Maybe I’ll see which book is considered her best and try that next.I might just have gotten one of her duds.(See, the book couldn’t have been so bad if I’m still open to seeing what else this writer’s got up her sleeve.)