Are you a fan of Black Friday shopping? I'm not, but that didn't stop my wife from taking me with her on a journey with all the pushing, shoving, biting, screaming and kicking of the post-Thanksgiving rush. How about the Missouri State Fair? No time? Too far away? Too hot and humid? We will journey to the fair from the comfort of your home. Take in the sights and sounds of not only attending the fair, but partaking in it. There will be a little of everything: the attack of the giant wienie, sneaky underwear, memories of playing in pig dirt, and racing barrels. or is that barrel racing? We'll roll our trailer. clean over the guard rail, enter our roosters, Cocky-did-a-do-do and Breaking Wind, in the rooster crowing contest, and learn if there is such thing as chicken Viagra. We can go trout fishing at a state park. Who fell in? Do fish like minnows better if they are kept warm in your mouth? One thing is certain, we will have fun.