Not buying! At least in October, ha! I already have the first two short stories and do not see no use to get hard copy with only two new stories. Maybe if it comes out in paperback I will buy it. The funny thing is, it's not about the money, money is not an issue for me. I'm more upset for other people who have bought the first collection. It seems stupid to stop the book from being published because Cass wants to add Celeste. Why not just add some writings about Celeste online? Oh wait, because it all has to be in one place;a place that will cost people already bought the first Selection Stories more money as this new HARDBACK will have all the stories, making the old Selection Stories nearly as useful as fire kindling to those with the new and old books. Yeah, you can buy the ePub versions for both short stories, but some of us don't like ebooks.

Who cares? The fandom will buy it!More money! Yay!