Overall, I found this anthology disappointing.The ratio of stories I didn't like or was indifferent about was higher than the ones I liked or loved.I really, really hated the Peter Straub story. I don't usually have that severe a negative reaction to stories/books, but this is one of them. On the other hand, I loved the Patricia Briggs and Michelle West stories. In between were some clever and enjoyable stories mixed in with the ones I disliked.I could probably come up with a very exact rating if I did the math, but I think I'll settle for a 3 star rating and move onto the next book.

As a mini-review, I have to keep this short. My advice is to check this out of the library unless you are a completist for any of the authors within. I believe that many are not new to this volume, so you might be able to find them elsewhere.

It's going to be difficult writing a full review of this one. Sigh.

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