Three couples find love and happiness in the west"Whirlwind Redemption" by Debra Cowan

When a bullet left Quentin Prescott's spine and spirit shattered, he broke up with first love Zoe Keeler so he wouldn't be a burden. Now Zoe must burden him. She needs a fake fiance to get her inheritance. Could this be Quentin's chance for redemption?

"The Maverick and Miss Prim" by Lynna Banning

Schoolteacher Eleanora Stevenson and her pupils are heading for safety after a renegade Indian attack when they stumble into the camp of gruff, trail-roughened Matt Johnson. From the glint in his eye and her body's tingling response, Eleanora suspects the trouble's just beginning....

"Texas Cinderella" by Judith Stacy

Knowing she'll never tie the knot herself, Molly Douglas is content organizing other people's ceremonies. Adam Crawford is planning a wedding—for his brother—but Molly makes such an impression, he's seriously thinking about having one himself!