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Available in all three parts in "Heroes of the Apocalypse: The Complete Set"

Ages: 8 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up

Stephen, his younger brother Alex, and their little sister, Stazzy, live in a world where the bad guy is being packaged and sold to kids everywhere as a really nice guy. Whether he's being slickly advertised as an exquisite vampire, an adorably capable witch, a courageous wizard, a hip and trendy Greek god, whatever, they are each astutely recognized by these three, who just aren't buying it anymore. Stephen, Alex and Stazzy can see right through their superstar smiles and disarming charm, for what they really and truly are: demons, or in the case of this story: pirates.

Pirate's exist only on the ignorance of kids, it is their only supernatural sustenance in an otherwise waterless Nether Land. A pirate's goal is to steal the light of reality from kids everywhere and keep them in the dark so that they never uncover what a pirate really is, and Whom all kids are created to become.

The leader of all pirates, loved by millions for his delectable nastiness, his wonderful wickedness, and lovable evil is the infamous Captain Hook.

So, one night in the bedroom of their foster home, the three kids take flight and are whisked away to the Gateway to Foreverland by the Boy Gatekeeper, Peter, and his former guardian, the Angel, Tinker Bell.

Once there, they are thrown right in to training for the upcoming battle with pirates who are making their first attempt to bury their stolen treasures of youth, and overturn Foreverland's King, and seize the Kingdom.

Along the way, they encounter many of the Foreverland inhabitants: the Island Natives, including Tiger Lily, some scary, Raptor-like Scorpusts, magnificent white stallions that fly, and swimming Hermaids. The adventures continue as they travel to a tiny Island of Angels called Lysander, stroll through a mystical forest, discuss secret plans at Peter's hideout, explore Marooner's Rock, and accidentally stumble into the Abyss of Hell itself, but only for a moment.

Finally, they return to the Mainland and begin their quest to reveal the real Captain Hook.

Soar the Foreverland skies with Stephen, Alex and Stazzy, as they journey on incredible adventures along with their friends, Peter and Tink, returning stolen treasures and ridding the lands of pirates.

In Part 1, three kids – Stephen, Alex and Anastasia – are taken to Foreverland where they learn who and what pirates really are and how to defeat them in their first of many battles to come...

What Others Are Saying:

"I loved it! Make more." Mike, Middle School Student

"So its like apocalyptic, religiously echoed, kids saving the world type of book, loosely based upon the old children's classic "peter pan". I give it Five Stars." Damian

"It's a great spin on the traditional Peter Pan, and a nice alternative to the Harry Potter books! I had a lot of fun reading it." Brooke, Middle School Teacher

"The fight scenes were awesome, I felt like I was right there!! It's a whole new world of Peter Pan I've never read before!" Ho Sung Pak, Martial Arts/Actor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies/Raphael

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