Four years ago, Grant Nieddu and Kenny Ellis found themselves stuck on the northern peninsula of Haiti. They came to deliver rice during the food crisis. During that fate-filled trip, Grant and Kenny found so much more.

They found a thrilling adventure and a challenging calling.

Going on to co-found CPI Haiti (, hosting innumerable development trips, and building a local school, Grant and Kenny learned many valuable lessons.

H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti relays just a few of their stories and the lessons they learned from their Haitian friends.

From outrunning flooding rains and dangerous ravines, to working with the unseen heroes of the local village, Grant tells the story of life on the mission field. More than that, the lessons point to a process by which people can gain a sense of hope in their own lives, whether abroad on the mission field or on the mission field at home.

"We are united by our human needs; first our physical needs, then our emotional needs, but above all we are united through our need for you read this book you'll discover just how true this really is." - Seth Czerepak