Whether the reader is a newcomer starting from scratch on a shoestring budget,or an established business person looking to cash in on the mail-order boom,Julian Simon's definitive book provides A-to-Z coverage of how to plan,execute,and maintain a successful mail-order operation.Step-by-step,Simon shows how to strike it rich in mail order from selecting the right products,to promoting them effectively,to creating ads and copy that sell,and much more.In each information-packed page,the fifth edition reports on today's trends and developments in this fast-changing field,while continuing to offer the expert guidance that has stood the test of time.Readers will learn how to: Use computers,databases,and desktop publishing to simplify and enhance operations; Take advantage of the emerging opportunities in international direct marketing; Benefit from insider advice from the field's biggest success stories thanks to special chapters by David Ogilvy,John Caples,Victor Schwab,and Paul Bringe; Deal with postal increases,legal requirements,cash flow,competition,and a host of potential pitfalls; Make smart tactical decisions about customer service,mailing lists,trial offers,selling a business,and more.