Have you ever caused a woman to reject you because of your own issues?
Have you ever sabotaged your own chances of having sex with a woman?
Are you your own cockblocker?
What is a cockblocker? Someone who stands in the way of a man getting sex. However, in How To Stop Being Your Own Cockblocker, Rhonda discusses how men sabotage their OWN chances for not only sex but emotional and romantic connections with women as well.
As a psychotherapist and author of several highly acclaimed pop psychology books such as Don’t Call That Man! A Survival Guide To Letting Go (Hyperion), Rhonda has consulted with thousands of women over the years and listened to countless stories of how men sabotaged their relationships with them. She has also had many men come to her psychotherapy practice proclaiming to want a relationship with a woman but never able to achieve this goal. Their brief unsuccessful relationships were filled with drama, pain, deprivation and frustration.
Using her own therapeutic techniques that she writes about in this book, Rhonda helps men learn how to successfully connect with women in casual and committed relationships.
Some of the information she writes about in How To Stop Being Your Own Cockblocker are concepts you may never have thought of or read about before. These ideas will offer a different way of looking at women, sex, relationships and yourself.
Reading How To Stop Being Your Own Cockblocker will help men emotionally and sexually connect with women whether short or long term and never again be their own cockblockers!

Table of Contents
Unavailable Women! Why Are They So Tantalizing?
She Wants You! Then Why Don’t You Want Her?
Sadist Or Masochist! Which One Are You?
Feelings That Can Push Women Right Out Of Your Life
Anger And Retaliation - The Biggest Cockblockers Of All
Cockblocking Defense Mechanisms
Your Childhood - Linking Your Past To The Present
Managing Feelings That Could Cockblock You
How To Successfully Connect With Women
Dating Behaviors You Should Have Stopped Two Minutes Ago
Sexual Dating Behaviors That Are Cockblocking
When Will A Woman Have Sex?
Ambivalence, Lack Of Desire, And Other Reasons Men Don’t Want To Have Sex With Women
Ten Steps To Making More Women Available To You
Breaking Up With Class And Style


Rhonda Findling is a psychotherapist and author of Don't Call That Man! A Survival Guide to Letting Go, Don’t Text That Man! A Guide To Self Protective Dating In the Age of Technology, The Commitment Cure: What To Do When You Fall For An Ambivalent Man, The Dating Cure, Portrait of My Desire, A Jewish-American Princess Dethroned, the Don't Text That Man App.