Shape-Shifting Cats and Human Heroes Unite Against Evil As Old as Time Itself! Return to the amazing world of The Glaring!

In Strays, the first book of The Glaring Chronicles, we met Sarah Smallhouse, a teenage runaway, and Kyle Winslow, an awkward alcoholic, two reluctant outcasts who fell in with a secret order of feline changelings called The Glaring.

Moving freely among us, sometimes as common cats, sometimes in more human form, these mysterious creatures mark our movements as we go about our lives, ever vigilant to threats from an ancient evil known throughout history as Jackal.

Now, in Jackal, Book II, Sarah and Kyle join forces with three shape-shifting cats to rescue the enigmatic leader of The Glaring, who has gone missing for over a decade. Little do they know that this leader has been captured by Jackal's minions, to be used for the creature’s diabolical purposes.

Combining their skills and talents with those of their Glaring companions, Sarah and Kyle believe they are more than a match for their enemies ... but are they really playing right into Jackal's hands?

˃˃˃ With a gripping premise and bold narrative, Jackal maintains the steadfast reputation that award-winning author Matthew Krause has earned.

While Strays sheds a whole new light on cats as “angels in disguise,” Jackal explores this angelic nature, as well as the dark forces that oppose it at every turn.

˃˃˃ 5% of all book sales will be donated to animal rescue charities.

An avid advocate for animals, Krause has pledged to donate at least 5% of all book sales to animal rescue charities, including Ape Action Africa, MEOW, and The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

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