Carlos María Domínguez was born in Buenos Aires in 1955 and has lived in Montevideo, Uruguay since 1989.

He is the author of Mares Baldíos, a collection of short stories, as well as five novels, including La Mujer Hablada, which won the Bartolomé Hidalgo Prize, Tres Muescas en mi Carabina, which won the Juan Carlos Onetti Prize, and The Paper House, which won the Premio de la Fundación Lolita Rubial, Vienna's Jury of Young Readers Prize, and has been translated into 18 languages.

Domínguez's nonfiction work includes Delitos de Amores Crueles, Escritos en el Agua, and El Norte Profundo, as well biographies about Juan Carlos Onetti, Roberto de las Carreras, and Tola Invernizzi. His journalistic articles have been collected in two books: El Compás de Oro and Historias del Polvo y el Camino.