Danelle Lansing discovers a new meaning to terror when five extraordinary strangers lure her into a web strung with deception, abduction, covert hominid species, and murder. After two years of running from an ex-lover she witnessed murder a governor's widow, she finds refuge in a cottage belonging to the Bacstair estate on the west coast of Washington state. Within two weeks of her stay, she is robbed and beaten by an unknown assailant, then introduced to the existence of Wolfinga, a shape-shifting werewolf race who were the dominating species occupying Earth until thirty-six thousand years ago. She is unwittingly indoctrinated into the Packs by a bite on the shoulder, and soon learns she has graduated from a mistress on the lam to a target test subject by yet another race of beings called Terrans, who seek Wolfinga DNA to override a genetic empathic curse they call Well Link.