This book will resonate with all daydreamers.I remember reading it as a child and relating to it on every level.Now, still a daydreamer, I relate to it every bit as much.Jack (a human child) is bored in his history lesson.Gazing through an open window, he sees Mr Daydream (a blue-fluffy-cloud being).Mr Daydream and Jack embark on adventures that take them to every continent, all in the space of one history lesson.This highlights one important truth about daydreaming: it can bend all the laws of physics and indeed the physical Universe.Therein lies the power of dreams.

Like all the Mr Men books, 'Mr Daydream' is beautifully illustrated.One picture, however, continues to trouble me: in the third picture of Jack, he has no mouth.Hargreaves was too much of a perfectionist for this to have been an inadvertent oversight, so I must conclude that the mouthless Jack was designed to symbolise something.One of these days I'll figure out what.