Ahhhh.Some progress on the Mrs. Brant and the Detective Malloy romantic front.

And I'm not sure how Malloy could solve these murders without mid-wife Brant's keen eye and ability to encourage people to open up with critical information.

This cozy mystery series is better than good with a strong storyline and it's relaxing to me by my not having to constantly think about every little tidbit of information.

Also, I do enjoy reading about NYC around 1895 when President Theodore Roosevelt was the police commissioner.Apparently police corruption was rampant during the time.

From Wiki:New York City Police Commissioner
Roosevelt became president of the board of New York City Police Commissioners in 1895. During his two years in this post, Roosevelt radically reformed the police department. The police force was reputed as one of the most corrupt in America. The NYPD's history division records that Roosevelt was "an iron-willed leader of unimpeachable honesty, (who) brought a reforming zeal to the New York City Police Commission in 1895."[40] Roosevelt and his fellow commissioners established new disciplinary rules, created a bicycle squad to enforce New York's traffic laws, and standardized the use of pistols by officers.[41] He selected the Colt New Police Revolver in .32 Colt Caliber as the first standard issue pistol for the NYPD. Roosevelt implemented regular inspections of firearms and annual physical exams, appointed 1,600 recruits based on their physical and mental qualifications and not on political affiliation, established Meritorious Service Medals, and closed corrupt police hostelries. During his tenure, a Municipal Lodging House was established by the Board of Charities, and Roosevelt required officers to register with the Board. He also had telephones installed in station houses.

What are hostelries and Municipal Lodging Houses though?On my list of things to look up.

It appears to me that Thompson did her research on the city before beginning the series which makes reading the books more authentic which I really like.

A fun mystery series and gives me a reprieve from some more heavier reads I've had my nose in recently.