Promotion Strategies for Design and Construction Firms Design and construction firms have to market smarter to remain competitive in the economy of the 1990s. It is more important than ever before to get the most out of marketing-support and promotion budgets. The fact is, marketing and selling professional design and construction services can be more effectively and efficiently implemented with targeted promotion techniques—"smart media." Design and construction firms of every size—from regional specialists to major international multidisciplinary organizations—have to adopt strategies that will differentiate their organization in the marketplace. Promotion Strategies for Design and Construction Firms presents hundreds of viable ideas that are aimed directly at the bottom line. Your firm can adapt from a wide selection of proven communications methods to build a persuasive and positive image utilizing sales letters, publicity, direct mail, advertising, public appearances, brochures, event sponsorship, newsletters, and other mediums. Promotion Strategies for Design and Construction Firms provides clear, accurate guidelines to plan, implement, and track a program that will yield the highest return on your investment of time and funds. Become familiar with promotional options and learn to recognize quality in approach and implementation.
* Focus on your firm's strengths and the decision makers you want to reach.
* Pre-sell to the marketplace by employing media that can effectively deliver the message of your firm's strengths and accomplishments.
* Multiply the reach of the promotional activities you undertake.
* Select programs that keep your clients and prospects informed about the industry and your firm.
* Establish your firm as an industry leader by sponsorship of status-building events.
Promotion Strategies for the Design and Construction Firms is the most thorough book ever produced on the subject. It is extensively illustrated with outstanding examples gathered from successful firms in architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, interior design, construction, and construction management. Combined with case studies, interviews, and commentary from industry leaders, Promotion Strategies for Design and Construction Firms is an invaluable idea resource. It is a working reference for any company that wants to insure a healthy future by increasing the number of today's qualified leads that become tomorrow's profitable projects.