[NOTE: This is a BOOKLET of about 30 pages. It's meant to be a 20min read or so.]

Are you interested in having more love in your life? Are you interested in being happy?

Well, here's a question for you then: what do studies show over and over again to be the primary determinant of people’s long-term happiness? It’s *the strength of their intimate relationships*. So ladies – this dating and love business isn’t just an afterthought to be taken care of after everything else that’s supposedly more important, like walking the dog, getting into grad school, finishing your dissertation or getting the next promotion. This is the main show – there *isn’t* anything that’s more important. This ebook is meant to get you started on that path.

“The Best Dating Advice I Ever Got” is a booklet of highlights selected by 3000 readers from 'The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible', the best-reviewed dating book on Amazon.com (4.9/5.0 stars as of December 2011). It’s intended for smart, educated women who want to enjoy as much success and fulfillment in their love lives as they do in the rest of their lives.

The ebook comes with over $100-worth of downloadable bonuses, including instructional videos, meditation MP3s, a supplemental 60min lecture, and additional surprise bonuses that will make you richer, taller and sexier. In the meantime, here are two of the tips to get you started (to see the full list of 20 tips in the Table of Contents, click on 'Click to LOOK INSIDE' in the upper left corner of the page):

Dating is like a story. It has a beginning, middle and end. It’s got characters, cliffhangers and climaxes (if you’re lucky). So, like Sheherezade in the legend of 1001 Arabian Nights, you want to stop the story at a point that the King wants to know what happens next so badly that he comes back for more the next day.

This is called the art of always leaving him wanting more. It’s kissing him on the cheek so he’ll wonder what it’s like to make out with you. It’s wearing a provocative dress (and keeping it on) so he can’t stop wondering about what’s underneath. It means saying you find him interesting without necessarily revealing the true depth of your affection.

It’s called keeping him guessing a little bit. It just makes things more interesting.

Granted, it’s your party, too, so eventually you will want to taste some cake yourself. But at least in the initial stages of courtship, you should refrain from giving away the whole store. If you sleep with him immediately and tell him you’re crazy for him, what’s left for him to look forward to? That’s no fun. So keep your power by tantalizing him, but not to the point of making either of you miserable from deprivation. The result of too much delayed gratification is often just delay.

There are two main characteristics you’re looking for in a guy. One is spine – his strength, decisiveness, masculine essence. The other is heart – his compassion, consideration and caring.

A guy with a lot of spine and no heart is a macho brute – Biff, as I like to call him. Most bad boys fall in this category, and although they may be a fun ride to start, they will cause you unlimited grief. A guy with a lot of heart but no spine is a sensitive new-age guy, or Lance. Most yuppie guys are Lances, stuck somewhere between trying to be chivalrous and acting tough. They will annoy you in the long run. And the guy who has both spine and heart is Victor. He is strong. He is compassionate. He’s a stud.

The Victor is rare, but he’s out there. Now that you know he exists, you know what to look for. He’s in control without being controlling, dominant without being domineering, sweet without being a pushover. He’s got direction and he’s got balance. And he knows how to take care of business, of himself, and of you. Settle for nothing less