I recommend Restoration.
"And what do you think I’m after?”

“Her heart,” I said. “Which is too bad. You see… that’s mine, and it always will be. Odd as it might seem, she’d rather have me broken than you whole."
Ooh, burn!

I've always thought that Fade's character is transparent enough, that there is no need to include his POV. Fade wears his heart on his sleeve, so when the hurt was too painful, the despair too raw, he pulled away from Deuce.

Furthermore, it's a good thing that Fade's POV is just an e-novella. I only need a taste for what's inside his head, his heart. And I was delighted with what I got.

Obviously, he's still in love with Deuce. But how was it for him to ache for her touch and yet recoil at the thought of her touching him? It was... a losing battle each day. And it doesn't favor the Huntress.