From deviant subcultures to human trafficking, George D. Shuman always brings to life a terrifying aspect lurking just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. now he delves into the darkest corners of the pharmaceutical trade and blends riveting fact with captivating fiction.

• A heroine like no other: George D. Shuman has established blind psychic Sherry moore as one of the most engaging protagonists in the realm of suspense, the perfect character around which to build a perennial franchise. “Sherry’s unique talent opens doors for her,” writes Publishers Weekly, “but it’s her determination and grit when things get rough that makes her such an appealing hero.”

• Engrossing and dark: Shuman doesn’t pull any punches. As evident in the depraved predators that haunt his readers long past the final page, he not only has “the talent to put evil on the page and make it specific and real” (The Washington Post), but also the ability to deliver “fascinating characters, nonstop storytelling, and an explosive ending” (Robert Crais).

• A compelling story rooted in today’s headlines: In Second Sight, the fourth installment of Shuman’s acclaimed Sherry Moore series, Sherry faces off against a fiendish villain bent on her destruction. Set against the backdrop of heinous crimes perpetrated by Big Pharma run amok, Sherry fights for her life while confronting a question born of a miraculous medical innovation: Should she reclaim her sight or remain in the darkness that allows her to save so many lives?