"Psi-high " Amy Ballantine has a talent . . . and sometimes it lets her know more than she needs to know.

"Guess I must be good enough looking. I can read it from almost every fellow that comes near me. I wonder why? I mean, why me — and not Marjorie over in the Main Office? She's a sweet girl, but she never gets a second look from the guys. There must be some fine differential point I'm missing somewhere, but I don't think I'll ever understand it "

But now the interest being expressed is not just the usual appraising and yearning — for someone out there is talking about how her talents might be "used" — and she's not at all sure she likes how things are shaping up.

Alan Nourse (1928-92) was one of the most beloved of practitioners of science fiction during the form's Golden Age. This volume includes a double-handful of his stories from the period, including "An Ounce of Cure," "Meeting of the Board," "The Dark Door," "Circus," "The Link," "My Friend Bobby," "Image of the Gods," "Second Sight," "The Native Soil," "Letter of the Law," "The Coffin Cure," and "PRoblem."