This book takes a hard look at what is currently taking place sexually among college students. A new attitude towards sex has evolved and is profoundly effecting young people in a destructive way. College students are hooking up on a regular basis. A hookup, is simply when two people accept and participate in casual sexual encounters that focus only on physical pleasure, without any type of relational commitment or emotional bonding. In most colleges today, sex has become another form of recreation that you fit into your schedule, like studying or exercising. Sex at First Sight explains how the hookup has come into being, how pornography is a major factor influencing a student s view of sex, and how this new perspective on sexuality is impacting the lives and future sex lives of this generation of young people. The book ends by examining God s design for sexuality. Our souls have a deep longing to belong and be accepted and to have soul oneness. All of us desire to alleviate our sense of loneliness and to be deeply and permanently connected with someone else. This is why God created sex. It is the means of expressing and achieving complete life unity between a man and a woman in the covenant relationship of marriage. This book is written for those in college, those soon to enter college and their parents."