If you've read Tinneans Spy V Spooks series then you'll know the character of Sweetcheeks ( Theo ) and Wills Matheson. This is their love story beginning with Sweets aged 15 when he's thrown out by his dad for being gay, ending up on the streets as a rent boy, up to his meeting Wills who works with Mark Vincent, then charts their growing romance and the relationship problems they have to overcome because of Theo's past and Wills career that is of course officially secret. It was great to have a more in-depth look into both characters lives because they are really endearing and I adored them both.

It nearly bypassed me completely and I can't believe that it's a free read. This lovely story is a fabulous addition to the series and hopefully it'll be published someday. The day it is I'm adding it ASAP to join the rest of my Tinnean collection which I love... And I'll be very happy to pay for it.

If you'rea Tinnean fan and you've not read this then you're missing out. Loved it.