This was a quick easy vacation read about the residents of Swann’s Knob, North Carolina.Miss Wilma Mabry, the widowed piano teacher of the title, is a gracious Southern lady who has always conducted herself properly. When her daughter and granddaughter suddenly arrive for a visit from New Mexico things get complicated quickly, and before Miss Wilma can blink both her son-in-law and another young man from New Mexico are staying with her as well. As if that weren’t enough, a police office has been murdered and suspicion has fallen on one of her visitors.

It was a decent read for traveling on the plane and waiting in airports over the holidays. I think York’s plot got away from her, however. I would have been happy with a book that just focused on the personal relationships, new love interests, and difficulties among the residents. The murder was an unnecessary complication, in my opinion; York did not succeed in writing with the kind of pace one expects in a mystery novel (even in a cozy).