Early in the evening of November 25, 2006 George Bynumleaves his Mexican novia among anti-government protest marchers in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico and returns to his apartment to finish a report for his employers. Before he can finish, his cell phone rings. “They’re attacking Killing..! They won’t stop!” his novia’s voice rings in his ears. He rushes outto tryto find
Her. Blinded by teargas from a federal police assault he trips and has to be helped to safety. He and several others, including a young woman named Claudi Auscher, make their way back to George’s apartment. Claudi, who defines herself as “a Mexican Jew gypsy bitch” joins George in his efforts to reestablish contact with his novia who has been flown to a maximum security prison along with other innocent victims of the militarized purge. George and Claudi are fictional characters but the events in which they’ve become embroiled are based on the actual political and social upheavals that reverberated through Oaxaca from November 2006 through April 2007.